This is our family's journey toward cleaner eating, ridding our home of processed, artificial and genetically modified step at a time.

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Surviving Our 1st Feingold (Real Food...

Surviving Our 1st Feingold (Real Food) Christmas

While, we have nearly reached our One Year Anniversary of major diet changes, this was our first Christmas season following the Feingold Diet (Stage 1).  Had we not been following the program for so long, I know the season would have been more stressful and intimidating. I do remember those early days, weeks and months. […]

Easy Carbonara


The first time I had eaten, let alone heard of carbonara sauce, I was in high school while visiting my aunt, uncle and cousins in California.  We were doing a quick grocery trip with my aunt who told her sons “I think I’ll get stuff for spaghetti carbonara”.  They both showed great excitement.  I on […]

Where Have I Been?


Well, it’s hard not to notice that it has been rather quite around here and on my Facebook page for the last month or so.  You may wonder why that is and I though instead of jumping right back in full steam, I would take a moment to explain. Simply put, I’ve been soaking up […]

Book Review: Processed Free by Robin ...


Sadly summer is coming to a close.  After this weekend the kids will be back to school and summer fun and travels will cease.  Until next year at least! However, as sad as I am to see summer behind us, I do have quite a few things I look forward to accomplishing with my free […]

Clean Classic Coleslaw


As the holiday weekend approaches, I’m willing to bet several of you may be going to pot lucks or cookouts with friends, family or neighbors.  I’m also willing to bet that many of those people will see coleslaw on the food table. Now before I go any further, let me say right off the bat, […]

Camp Fire Potatoes

campfire potatoes

Although we have a full kitchen at our cottage, it is still nice to cook outside over the fire on occasion.  It’s convenient, fun, and simply gets me out of the kitchen and into the outdoors for a change in preparing our meal.  One thing that I frequently cook over the fire or on the […]